Aftercare Counseling

Why Is Aftercare Important?

SplitShire_IMG_1177Recovery is a commitment to yourself to keep improving, to keep pushing yourself to find happiness in your life.  The process doesn’t end when you complete 30 days or more of treatment.  Creating and following a recovery plan is essential to success.  Ideally before you left treatment you received an aftercare plan. However if you didn’t it’s not to late.

First, take a few minutes and write down all the areas in your life.  You could write health, family, friends, education, work, or relationships try to write at least 5 of them to start out with.  Unless you were a fitness expert before going to rehab, health is probably an area which needs to be addressed .  Becoming physically fit and learning to eat healthy foods is important to recovery.  We will use this as an example, if another area of your life is more important to you start with that.  What is important is you set realistic goals.

Now take a minute and think about your goals.  You should have short and long term goals.  A short term goal could be to take a walk once a day, or give up a food that isn’t healthy.  Whatever you choose, write it down and set a time.  For example, I will talk one walk a day for two weeks, then I will try jogging.  Figure out a long term goal, lose weight, run a mile, whatever it is you want.  Keep track and remember to keep it simple.

For each area of your life work out a similar plan and stick to it.

Staying Connected To Your Recovery

Creating a plan and sticking to it is the first step ,but staying connected to others in recovery is another important part.  You don’t have to go to meetings, but finding individuals who are dedicated to recovery will help you stay on the right path.  You could join a church fellowship or volunteer your time at a non-profit.  What’s important is that you get out and connect with other people.  Develop a support network and ask for help if yo need it.


Aftercare is a delicate manner. Typically, there are a variety of options offered to those who have completed a drug and alcohol treatment program. Not all individuals have the same needs and most would like different options for their aftercare treatment. Some of the available aftercare programs offered are Sober Living Housing, 12-Step programs, Celebration Recovery, Smart Recovery, etc. Below you will find link to each aftercare option. It is important to select the proper aftercare program that will be suitable for your individual needs.


12-Step Program

SMART Recovery

Holistic Treatment Program

Celebrate Recovery