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Atlanta’s problem with drugs and drug rehab differs from the problems faced by most other cities and towns. There’s no shortage of treatment options for addicts and alcoholics in Atlanta. Atlanta drug rehab centers dot the city like freckles. No, Atlanta’s problem is that too many of the programs in town just don’t work. Which makes it hard for its residents to find effective drug rehab among the many centers offering and claiming to deliver real help with drug and alcohol addiction.

Across the South, communities from small towns to big cities like Atlanta struggle with the scourge of alcoholism and drug addiction. Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. It knows no bounds and has no socio-economic barriers strong enough to keep it out.

Today Atlanta faces a rising tide of drug and alcohol abuse among its residents from the very young to the very old. I’ve seen both teens and older adults addled by their addictions. I’ve talked to any number of people who’ve tried to beat their condition only to relapse time and again. Which begs an important question: where can you find an Atlanta drug rehab program that works?


At Twin Lakes Recovery Center, we understand that getting help for addictions is one of the toughest decisions you will ever make for you or your loved one. Our staff is available to support and encou