Recovery Groups

What Are Recovery Or Support Groups?

DSC_0037The most well known support groups are the 12 step fellowships based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  These self help groups have become synonymous with not only recovery from drugs and alcohol, but for helping cancer survivors, sexual abuse victims, and  a myriad of other conditions.  One reason for their popularity is that anyone can attend absolutely free.  Many cities have AA and NA clubhouses where meetings can be held.  The benefit to attending these meetings is undeniable, they provide a ready made group of sober individuals who can relate to what you are going through.  It’s not all good however, newcomers who don’t find a sponsor are likely to get in with the wrong crowd.  So it’s critical that you find a sponsor and hang out with the old timers.

What Is A Sponsor?

A sponsor is someone who has a number of years of sobriety and can help guide you as you work the 12 steps.  We cannot stress enough how important having a sponsor is if you choose to attend 12 step meetings.  In fact one of the main reasons people quit going to 12 step meetings is because they didn’t find a sponsor.  Finding a sponsor isn’t always easy, our advice? Find a group of people who have been sober for a number of years and ask them to help you find one.  Better yet, share with the group that you are looking for a sponsor. If your waiting for someone to walk up and ask you, then you are likely going to be waiting a long time.

Are 12 Step Groups The Only Support Groups?

haveThere are a number of different kinds of support groups available.  SMART Recovery and Celebrate Recovery are two of the largest ones.  You can also find support groups through your church or school.  If 12 step isn’t working for you, then try one of these alternate groups.  What is important is that you remain connected to those in recovery and continue to improve yourself. Here is more information on several groups:

12-Step Program

SMART Recovery

Holistic Treatment Program

Celebrate Recovery